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Weather in Butere

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Climate Conditions: scattered clouds
Humidity: 84%
Wind speed: 6.37 km/h
Wind direction: 96°
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Timezone: GMT+05:30
More about Butere:

Introduction to Butere, Kenya

Butere is a vibrant town located in the lush green landscapes of the Western province of Kenya. It forms part of the Kakamega County and comes with its unique climate and weather patterns that significantly influence the life and activities of its residents. In this article, we will delve into a comprehensive review of Butere's climate and year-round weather.

Climate Overview

Known for its equatorial monsoon climate, Butere experiences significant rainfall throughout the year, even during its driest months. This climate classification is known as Am according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification system. Despite the almost constant rainfall, temperatures remain generally consistent, offering warm and temperate conditions throughout the year.

"Butere's equatorial monsoon climate is characterized by significant rainfall throughout the year, providing the region with lush and verdant landscapes."

Temperature Overview

Butere's temperature is fairly constant, with an average annual temperature of around 20.1°C. The warmest month is typically March, with an average temperature of 21.7°C. July is usually the coldest month, with an average temperature of 18.2°C. The temperature rarely falls below 14°C or rises above 28°C.

Table: Average Monthly Temperatures in Butere

Month Average Temperature (°C)
January 20.6
February 21.3
March 21.7
April 20.8
May 19.9
June 18.6
July 18.2
August 18.5
September 19.2
October 20.1
November 20.5
December 20.3

Rainfall and Humidity

Butere receives an average annual rainfall of approximately 2041 mm. April is usually the wettest month, with an average precipitation of about 238 mm. The driest month tends to be January, with an average rainfall of 113 mm. Despite the differences, rainfall is relatively evenly distributed throughout the year, contributing to the region's high humidity levels.

Table: Average Monthly Rainfall in Butere

Month Average Rainfall (mm)
January 113
February 120
March 182
April 238
May 216
June 175
July 167
August 171
September 173
October 183
November 176
December 136


Butere's climate is characterized by its consistency, with warm temperatures and rich rainfall year-round. These elements combine to create a lush, fertile environment that supports a wide range of flora and fauna. Despite its high rainfall, Butere's weather remains comfortable and predictable, creating an inviting location for both residents and visitors.

"In Butere, the weather remains warm and temperate throughout the year, with a constant supply of rainfall that keeps the region's landscapes lush and green."

FAQ's about Butere's Weather:
Q - What is the Latitude and Longitude of Butere?

A - Butere's Latitude is 0.206360 & Longitude is 34.493481.

Q - What is the weather in Butere today?

A - Weather in Butere is 18° today.

Q - What is the climatic condition of Butere today?

A - Climate Conditions in Butere shows scattered clouds today.

Q - What is the humidity in Butere today?

A - Humidity in Butere is 84% today.

Q - What is the wind speed in Butere today?

A - Wind speed in Butere is 6.37 km/h, flowing at 96° wind direction. today.

Weather in Butere