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Climate Conditions: light rain
Humidity: 89%
Wind speed: 4.82 km/h
Wind direction: 255°
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Timezone: GMT+05:30
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Park Town, IN: A Comprehensive Guide to Climate and Weather Year Round

Park Town, IN is a picturesque location with a diverse climate that offers a unique experience throughout the year. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply looking for a relaxing getaway, understanding the weather patterns and climate of Park Town is essential for planning your visit. In this article, we will delve into the detailed analysis of Park Town's climate and weather year-round, providing you with valuable insights and information.

Geographical Location

Park Town is located in the heart of the Midwest region of the United States. Situated in the state of Indiana, it benefits from its central location, which gives it a mix of both continental and humid subtropical climate influences.

Seasonal Overview

Understanding the different seasons in Park Town will help you make the most of your visit. Let's take a closer look at each season:

Spring (March - May)

Spring in Park Town is a beautiful time of year when the landscape comes alive with vibrant colors and blossoming flowers. The average temperature during this season ranges between 50°F (10°C) and 70°F (21°C). However, be prepared for occasional temperature fluctuations and unpredictable weather patterns.

Spring is also a transitional season, with some rainfall and occasional thunderstorms. It is advisable to have a light jacket or umbrella handy during your visit to Park Town in the spring.

Summer (June - August)

Summer in Park Town is characterized by warm temperatures, with an average high ranging from 80°F (27°C) to 90°F (32°C). The summer season offers plenty of outdoor activities and opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of the region, including hiking, swimming, and picnicking.

While summers in Park Town are generally pleasant, occasional heatwaves and high humidity levels can make it feel hotter than the actual temperature. It is recommended to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and appropriate clothing.

Fall (September - November)

Fall is a picturesque season in Park Town, as the foliage transforms into a stunning array of red, orange, and yellow hues. The average temperature during this season ranges from 50°F (10°C) to 70°F (21°C).

Autumn in Park Town is relatively mild, with crisp mornings and pleasant afternoons. It is the perfect time to explore the local parks and trails, as well as indulge in seasonal activities such as apple picking and hayrides.

Winter (December - February)

Winter in Park Town brings a magical charm, as the region is often blanketed with snow. The average temperature during this season ranges from 20°F (-6°C) to 40°F (4°C).

Winters in Park Town can be cold, but they also offer a variety of winter sports and activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. It is advisable to dress in layers and have appropriate winter gear to enjoy these outdoor activities comfortably.

Climate Data

Let's take a closer look at the climate data for Park Town:

Month Average High (°F) Average Low (°F) Annual Rainfall (inches)
January 34 18 2.5
February 38 21 2.3
March 49 30 3.5
April 61 41 3.8
May 71 51 4.2
June 80 61 3.9
July 84 65 4.1
August 82 63 3.5
September 75 55 2.9
October 63 44 2.7
November 50 34 3.1
December 38 23 2.7

As seen in the table above, Park Town experiences a moderate amount of rainfall throughout the year, with the highest rainfall occurring in May, June, and July. The winters are generally drier, with January and February receiving the least amount of precipitation.

Key Weather Patterns and Phenomena

Park Town, being located in the Midwest region, is prone to various weather patterns and phenomena. Here are a few key weather patterns that can occur:

  • Thunderstorms: Thunderstorms are common during the spring and summer months in Park Town. These storms can bring heavy rainfall, lightning, and occasionally hail.
  • Tornadoes: Park Town falls within the Tornado Alley, a region known for its higher tornado frequency. While tornadoes can occur throughout the year, they are most common during the late spring and early summer months.
  • Winter Storms: Winter storms can bring heavy snowfall and strong winds to Park Town. These storms can cause travel disruptions and impact daily activities, but they also provide opportunities for winter sports and picturesque winter landscapes.


Park Town, IN offers a diverse climate and a range of weather patterns throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The seasonal overview, climate data, and key weather patterns provided in this guide will help you plan your visit accordingly and make the most of your time in this beautiful location.

Disclaimer: The climate and weather information provided in this article is intended for informational purposes only. Weather patterns can vary, and it is always advisable to check the local weather forecast before planning any outdoor activities.

FAQ's about Park Town's Weather:
Q - What is the Latitude and Longitude of Park Town?

A - Park Town's Latitude is 13.081940 & Longitude is 80.278061.

Q - What is the weather in Park Town today?

A - Weather in Park Town is 29° today.

Q - What is the climatic condition of Park Town today?

A - Climate Conditions in Park Town shows light rain today.

Q - What is the humidity in Park Town today?

A - Humidity in Park Town is 89% today.

Q - What is the wind speed in Park Town today?

A - Wind speed in Park Town is 4.82 km/h, flowing at 255° wind direction. today.

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