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Climate Conditions: overcast clouds
Humidity: 96%
Wind speed: 2.77 km/h
Wind direction: 271°
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Timezone: GMT+05:30
More about Aquara:

Aquara, Italy: Climate and Weather Year Round

Aquara is a charming town located in the Campania region of southern Italy. Situated in the province of Salerno, this picturesque location offers a delightful mix of historical landmarks, beautiful landscapes, and a Mediterranean climate that attracts both locals and tourists throughout the year.

Climate Overview

Aquara experiences a Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The town is nestled within the Apennine Mountains, providing a stunning backdrop and influencing its weather patterns. The climate in Aquara is influenced by its proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea, which helps to moderate temperatures and create favorable conditions for agriculture.

Summer (June to August)

During summer, Aquara enjoys long and sunny days with average temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F). However, temperatures can occasionally reach as high as 35°C (95°F) during heatwaves. The nights are generally mild and comfortable, with temperatures dropping to around 18°C to 22°C (64°F to 72°F). Rainfall is relatively low during this season, with occasional thunderstorms bringing short bursts of precipitation.

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn in Aquara is a beautiful time of the year when the landscape transforms into a colorful display of vibrant foliage. Temperatures gradually begin to cool down, with average highs ranging from 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F) in September and dropping to 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F) in November. Nights become cooler, ranging from 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F). Rainfall increases during this season, with October being the wettest month.

Winter (December to February)

Winters in Aquara are mild compared to other parts of Italy. Average daytime temperatures range from 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F), while nighttime temperatures can drop to around 5°C to 10°C (41°F to 50°F). Snowfall is uncommon but possible, especially in higher elevations. Rainfall remains moderate throughout the winter months, and occasional fog can add a mystical touch to the landscape.

Spring (March to May)

Springtime brings a burst of life to Aquara, with blossoming flowers and lush greenery. Average temperatures during this season range from 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F) in March and gradually increase to 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F) in May. Nights become milder, ranging from 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F). Rainfall decreases compared to autumn but can still occur, making the scenery even more vibrant and picturesque.

Best Time to Visit Aquara

The best time to visit Aquara depends on personal preferences and the desired activities. Summer is ideal for those who enjoy warm weather and outdoor activities such as hiking, exploring the nearby Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, or simply relaxing by the pool. Spring and autumn offer milder temperatures, making them perfect for sightseeing, exploring historical sites, and enjoying local festivals.

Climate Chart for Aquara

To provide a visual representation of Aquara's climate throughout the year, the following climate chart presents average monthly temperatures and rainfall:
Month Temperature (°C) Rainfall (mm)
January 10 90
February 11 70
March 13 80
April 16 70
May 20 60
June 25 30
July 28 20
August 28 30
September 25 60
October 20 100
November 15 100
December 11 100

Notable Weather Events in Aquara

While Aquara generally experiences a pleasant and stable climate, there have been some notable weather events in the past. It is important to note that these events are rare and not representative of the typical weather in the area. - In February 2012, Aquara experienced heavy snowfall, leading to temporary road closures and disruptions in transportation. - In October 2015, a severe thunderstorm caused flash flooding in some parts of Aquara, resulting in localized damage. - In August 2017, the town experienced a heatwave, with temperatures reaching record highs for the region.


Aquara, Italy, offers a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Its location near the Apennine Mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea influences its weather patterns, creating pleasant conditions for outdoor activities and agriculture. Whether you prefer the warmth of summer or the milder temperatures of spring and autumn, Aquara provides a beautiful setting for exploring its historical sites, enjoying the natural landscapes, and immersing yourself in the local culture.

FAQ's about Aquara's Weather:
Q - What is the Latitude and Longitude of Aquara?

A - Aquara's Latitude is 40.443909 & Longitude is 15.253860.

Q - What is the weather in Aquara today?

A - Weather in Aquara is 8° today.

Q - What is the climatic condition of Aquara today?

A - Climate Conditions in Aquara shows overcast clouds today.

Q - What is the humidity in Aquara today?

A - Humidity in Aquara is 96% today.

Q - What is the wind speed in Aquara today?

A - Wind speed in Aquara is 2.77 km/h, flowing at 271° wind direction. today.

Weather in Aquara