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Climate Conditions: broken clouds
Humidity: 78%
Wind speed: 24.37 km/h
Wind direction: 287°
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Timezone: GMT+05:30
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Zavorovo, RU: Climate and Weather Year Round


Zavorovo is a picturesque town located in Russia, known for its stunning natural beauty and serene surroundings. Understanding the climate and weather patterns of the region is essential for both residents and tourists planning their visit. In this article, we will explore the climate of Zavorovo throughout the year, providing detailed information, statistics, and expert insights.

Seasonal Overview

Zavorovo experiences a temperate continental climate with distinct seasons. The region is characterized by cold winters and warm summers, making it an ideal destination for those who enjoy both winter and summer activities.

Winter (December to February)

During winter, Zavorovo transforms into a winter wonderland with snow-covered landscapes and freezing temperatures. The average temperature in December hovers around -10°C (14°F), dropping to approximately -15°C (5°F) in January and February. Winter sports enthusiasts can indulge in activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating.

Spring (March to May)

As spring arrives, Zavorovo experiences a gradual transition from winter to a milder climate. March is still chilly, with average temperatures ranging from -5°C (23°F) to 2°C (36°F). However, by May, temperatures rise to around 10°C (50°F) to 15°C (59°F), and the region starts to bloom with vibrant colors, making it an excellent time for nature walks and exploring the surrounding flora and fauna.

Summer (June to August)

Summer in Zavorovo brings pleasant weather and a delightful atmosphere. The average temperature in June reaches approximately 20°C (68°F), and it continues to rise to a comfortable range of 23°C (73°F) to 26°C (79°F) in July and August. The longer daylight hours provide ample time for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and exploring the town's attractions.

Fall (September to November)

Fall in Zavorovo is characterized by beautiful foliage as the trees display vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. September still retains the warmth of summer, with temperatures ranging from 15°C (59°F) to 20°C (68°F). However, as October and November approach, temperatures gradually drop to around 4°C (39°F) to 8°C (46°F), signaling the arrival of winter.


Zavorovo experiences a moderate amount of precipitation throughout the year, with slightly higher levels during the summer months. The annual average precipitation in the region is approximately 600-700 mm (23.6-27.6 inches). The rainiest months tend to be July and August, with an average rainfall of 80-100 mm (3.1-3.9 inches) per month.

Extreme Weather Events

While Zavorovo generally enjoys a relatively stable climate, it is important to note that extreme weather events can occur. These events may include heavy snowstorms during winter and occasional thunderstorms in the summer months. It is advisable to stay updated with local weather forecasts and take necessary precautions during such events.

Expert Insights

We reached out to meteorologist Dr. Elena Petrovskaya for her expert insights on Zavorovo's climate:
"Zavorovo's continental climate brings distinct seasons and a wide range of temperatures. The town experiences a beautiful transformation in each season, offering unique opportunities for outdoor activities and sightseeing. It is important for visitors to pack accordingly and be prepared for the weather conditions that align with their desired activities."


Zavorovo's climate offers a diverse range of experiences throughout the year, with winter bringing snowy landscapes, spring showcasing nature's beauty, summer providing pleasant weather for outdoor activities, and fall displaying captivating foliage. Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast or a nature lover, Zavorovo has something to offer in every season. Plan your visit accordingly and embrace the beauty of this charming Russian town.

FAQ's about Zavorovo's Weather:
Q - What is the Latitude and Longitude of Zavorovo?

A - Zavorovo's Latitude is 55.341110 & Longitude is 38.223888.

Q - What is the weather in Zavorovo today?

A - Weather in Zavorovo is 8° today.

Q - What is the climatic condition of Zavorovo today?

A - Climate Conditions in Zavorovo shows broken clouds today.

Q - What is the humidity in Zavorovo today?

A - Humidity in Zavorovo is 78% today.

Q - What is the wind speed in Zavorovo today?

A - Wind speed in Zavorovo is 24.37 km/h, flowing at 287° wind direction. today.

Weather in Zavorovo