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Climate Conditions: overcast clouds
Humidity: 61%
Wind speed: 8.86 km/h
Wind direction: 143°
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Timezone: GMT+05:30
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Nizhegorodskaya, Russia: Climate and Weather Year Round

Nizhegorodskaya is a region located in the central part of Russia, known for its diverse climate and unique weather patterns throughout the year. This article will provide detailed information about the climate and weather conditions experienced in Nizhegorodskaya, including temperature ranges, precipitation levels, and seasonal variations.

Temperature Ranges

Nizhegorodskaya experiences a continental climate, characterized by distinct seasons and significant temperature variations throughout the year. The region's proximity to the Volga River and its location in the interior of Russia influence its temperature ranges.

In the winter months, from December to February, Nizhegorodskaya experiences cold temperatures, with an average daily temperature ranging from -10°C (14°F) to -15°C (5°F). Extreme cold snaps can occur, pushing temperatures even lower.

The summer months, from June to August, bring warmer temperatures to Nizhegorodskaya. Average daily temperatures during this period range from 20°C (68°F) to 25°C (77°F), with occasional heatwaves pushing temperatures above 30°C (86°F).

Precipitation Levels

Nizhegorodskaya receives moderate precipitation throughout the year, with a slightly higher concentration in the summer months. The region experiences a mix of rain and snowfall, depending on the season.

On average, Nizhegorodskaya receives around 500-600 millimeters (19-23 inches) of precipitation annually. The highest precipitation levels occur in July and August, with an average of 80-100 millimeters (3-4 inches) of rainfall per month.

During the winter months, the region experiences lower precipitation levels, with an average of 20-30 millimeters (0.8-1.2 inches) of snowfall per month. Snow cover is common during this period, creating a picturesque winter landscape.

Seasonal Variations

Nizhegorodskaya experiences distinct seasonal variations, with each season offering unique weather conditions and natural beauty.

  • Spring: Spring in Nizhegorodskaya, from March to May, brings milder temperatures and the awakening of nature. The region experiences occasional rain showers, and temperatures gradually rise from around 0°C (32°F) in March to 10°C (50°F) in May.
  • Summer: Nizhegorodskaya's summer, from June to August, is characterized by warm temperatures and longer daylight hours. It is a popular time for outdoor activities and exploring the region's natural attractions. However, occasional thunderstorms and heavy rainfall can occur.
  • Autumn: Autumn in Nizhegorodskaya, from September to November, brings cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the leaves. The region experiences mild temperatures in September, gradually dropping to freezing temperatures by November. Occasional rain showers and fog add to the atmospheric beauty of the season.
  • Winter: Winter in Nizhegorodskaya, from December to February, is characterized by cold temperatures and snowfall. The region experiences sub-zero temperatures, creating a winter wonderland. Snow cover is common, and outdoor activities such as skiing and ice skating are popular during this time.


Nizhegorodskaya, Russia, offers a diverse climate and weather patterns throughout the year. From the cold winters with sub-zero temperatures and snowfall to the warm summers with occasional heatwaves and thunderstorms, the region provides a unique experience for both residents and visitors. The distinct seasonal variations add to the beauty and charm of Nizhegorodskaya, making it a fascinating destination to explore.

FAQ's about Nizhegorodskaya's Weather:
Q - What is the Latitude and Longitude of Nizhegorodskaya?

A - Nizhegorodskaya's Latitude is 44.269199 & Longitude is 39.923401.

Q - What is the weather in Nizhegorodskaya today?

A - Weather in Nizhegorodskaya is 18° today.

Q - What is the climatic condition of Nizhegorodskaya today?

A - Climate Conditions in Nizhegorodskaya shows overcast clouds today.

Q - What is the humidity in Nizhegorodskaya today?

A - Humidity in Nizhegorodskaya is 61% today.

Q - What is the wind speed in Nizhegorodskaya today?

A - Wind speed in Nizhegorodskaya is 8.86 km/h, flowing at 143° wind direction. today.

Weather in Nizhegorodskaya