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Climate Conditions: light rain
Humidity: 93%
Wind speed: 3.53 km/h
Wind direction: 22°
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Timezone: GMT+05:30
More about Moransengo:

Climate and Weather in Moransengo, Italy

Moransengo is a charming town located in the Piedmont region of Italy. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The town experiences four distinct seasons, each offering unique weather patterns and outdoor activities for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

Annual Weather Overview

The table below provides an overview of the average weather conditions in Moransengo throughout the year:

Month Temperature (°C) Precipitation (mm)
January 2 45
February 4 40
March 9 50
April 14 70
May 19 90
June 23 75
July 26 60
August 26 65
September 22 55
October 16 80
November 9 60
December 4 50

As shown in the table, Moransengo experiences a range of temperatures and precipitation levels throughout the year. The summer months from June to August are the hottest, with temperatures averaging around 26°C, while the winter months from December to February are the coolest, with temperatures around 2-4°C.

Seasonal Weather Patterns

Each season in Moransengo offers a unique experience in terms of weather and outdoor activities:

Spring (March to May)

  • Spring in Moransengo brings mild temperatures ranging from 9°C to 19°C.
  • The town's countryside blooms with colorful flowers, making it a picturesque time for outdoor excursions.
  • Light to moderate rainfall is common during this season, contributing to the lush greenery of the region.

Summer (June to August)

  • Summer is the hottest season in Moransengo, with temperatures peaking at an average of 26°C.
  • Clear skies and warm weather make it an ideal time for outdoor activities such as hiking, vineyard tours, and al fresco dining.
  • Precipitation levels are relatively low during the summer months, offering ample opportunities for enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Autumn (September to November)

  • Autumn brings mild temperatures ranging from 16°C to 22°C, making it a pleasant time to explore Moransengo and its surrounding areas.
  • The foliage of the region turns into stunning shades of red, orange, and yellow, creating a picturesque landscape for nature enthusiasts.
  • Rainfall increases slightly during the autumn months, adding to the overall charm of the season.

Winter (December to February)

  • Winter in Moransengo is characterized by cool temperatures ranging from 2°C to 4°C.
  • The surrounding Alps offer opportunities for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, attracting outdoor enthusiasts to the region.
  • Moderate rainfall and occasional snowfall add a touch of winter wonderland magic to the town and its surroundings.

Extreme Weather Events

While Moransengo generally experiences mild weather throughout the year, there are occasional extreme weather events that can impact the region. These events may include intense heatwaves in summer, heavy rainfall leading to localized flooding, and rare occurrences of snowfall in winter.

It is important for residents and visitors to stay informed about weather forecasts and heed any warnings issued by local authorities during extreme weather events to ensure safety and preparedness.


Overall, Moransengo offers a delightful Mediterranean climate with distinct seasonal weather patterns. Whether it's basking in the summer sunshine, admiring the vibrant colors of autumn, or enjoying winter activities in the Alps, the town invites exploration and appreciation of its natural beauty throughout the year.

Visitors to Moransengo can look forward to experiencing the charm of each season and immersing themselves in the rich culture and outdoor adventures that the region has to offer.

FAQ's about Moransengo's Weather:
Q - What is the Latitude and Longitude of Moransengo?

A - Moransengo's Latitude is 45.114849 & Longitude is 8.025230.

Q - What is the weather in Moransengo today?

A - Weather in Moransengo is 20° today.

Q - What is the climatic condition of Moransengo today?

A - Climate Conditions in Moransengo shows light rain today.

Q - What is the humidity in Moransengo today?

A - Humidity in Moransengo is 93% today.

Q - What is the wind speed in Moransengo today?

A - Wind speed in Moransengo is 3.53 km/h, flowing at 22° wind direction. today.

Weather in Moransengo