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Climate Conditions: clear sky
Humidity: 80%
Wind speed: 8.71 km/h
Wind direction: 245°
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Timezone: GMT+05:30
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Climate and Weather in Salo, Finland

Salo is a picturesque town located in southwestern Finland. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and a pleasant climate. Understanding the climate and weather patterns in Salo is essential for both residents and visitors to plan their activities and make the most of their time in this charming town.

Geographical and Climatic Overview

Salo is situated in the region of Southwest Finland, approximately 100 kilometers west of the capital city, Helsinki. The town is located on the southern coast of Finland, bordering the Baltic Sea. Its geographical position and proximity to the sea have a significant influence on its climate.

Salo experiences a temperate continental climate, characterized by mild summers and relatively cold winters. The moderating effect of the Baltic Sea helps to keep temperatures moderate throughout the year.

Seasonal Temperatures

The average annual temperature in Salo is around 6 degrees Celsius (43 degrees Fahrenheit). Let's take a closer look at the temperatures experienced during different seasons:

Season Average Temperature
Spring (March to May) 0°C to 9°C (32°F to 48°F)
Summer (June to August) 12°C to 20°C (54°F to 68°F)
Autumn (September to November) 5°C to 12°C (41°F to 54°F)
Winter (December to February) -5°C to 1°C (23°F to 34°F)

During spring, temperatures gradually rise from freezing to a comfortable range of 0°C to 9°C (32°F to 48°F). It is a season of transition when the snow melts, and nature comes back to life.

Summer in Salo is pleasantly warm, with temperatures ranging from 12°C to 20°C (54°F to 68°F). The town experiences long daylight hours, providing ample time to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the natural beauty of the surrounding areas.

Autumn brings cooler temperatures, ranging from 5°C to 12°C (41°F to 54°F). The foliage undergoes a stunning transformation as the leaves change color, creating a picturesque landscape.

Winter in Salo can be quite chilly, with temperatures dipping between -5°C to 1°C (23°F to 34°F). Snowfall is common during this season, adding a touch of winter wonderland to the town.

Precipitation Levels

Salo receives a moderate amount of rainfall throughout the year, with the highest precipitation occurring during the summer months. The table below provides an overview of the average monthly precipitation:

Month Average Precipitation (mm)
January 58 mm
February 39 mm
March 42 mm
April 33 mm
May 36 mm
June 59 mm
July 77 mm
August 86 mm
September 70 mm
October 80 mm
November 79 mm
December 66 mm

As the table demonstrates, Salo experiences a relatively even distribution of rainfall throughout the year, with slightly higher precipitation levels during the summer months. This is important to consider when planning outdoor activities or events.

Sunshine Hours

Salo enjoys a reasonable amount of sunshine hours, particularly during the summer season. The table below provides an overview of the average monthly sunshine hours:

Month Average Sunshine Hours
January 20 hours
February 48 hours
March 103 hours
April 162 hours
May 233 hours
June 267 hours
July 257 hours
August 209 hours
September 126 hours
October 59 hours
November 22 hours
December 12 hours

As the table indicates, the summer months, especially May, June, and July, experience the highest number of sunshine hours. This provides ample opportunity for outdoor activities and enjoying the natural beauty of Salo.


Salo, Finland, offers a pleasant and diverse climate throughout the year. Whether you visit during the mild summers or the snowy winters, you can experience the beauty of the region and enjoy various activities based on the season. Understanding the climate and weather patterns in Salo will help you plan your visit or make informed decisions about living in this charming Finnish town.

FAQ's about Salo's Weather:
Q - What is the Latitude and Longitude of Salo?

A - Salo's Latitude is 60.733330 & Longitude is 24.183331.

Q - What is the weather in Salo today?

A - Weather in Salo is 13° today.

Q - What is the climatic condition of Salo today?

A - Climate Conditions in Salo shows clear sky today.

Q - What is the humidity in Salo today?

A - Humidity in Salo is 80% today.

Q - What is the wind speed in Salo today?

A - Wind speed in Salo is 8.71 km/h, flowing at 245° wind direction. today.

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